Showing Love: 30 Ways to Tell if a Home is Well-Loved

Dated: May 16 2023

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Buying or selling a home is not only a significant financial decision but also an emotional one. 

If you’re a seller, it's essential to present your property in the best light. If you’re a buyer, finding the perfect home that checks all the boxes can be an overwhelming process. 

However, one thing that both parties can agree on is the value of a well-loved home. A well-loved home is not just a structure; it's a place where memories are made, families grow, and comfort and security are found.

As a Fargo-Moorhead area real estate agent, I’ve had the privilege of working with many clients on both sides of the transaction and have come to realize several ways to tell if a home is well-loved. Here are 30 of them:

  1. A beautiful front yard that is well-maintained, with trimmed shrubs and a lush green lawn.
  2. An inviting entryway with a clean doormat, fresh flowers, and a welcoming scent.
  3. A well-kept kitchen with a clean countertop, updated appliances, and no clutter.
  4. A cozy living room with comfortable furniture, throw pillows, and a warm blanket.
  5. A clean and organized laundry room with a functional washer and dryer.
  6. A functional and organized closet with ample space for storage.
  7. A clean and well-maintained bathroom with updated fixtures.
  8. A well-lit dining area with a beautiful centerpiece and comfortable seating.
  9. A well-lit and well-ventilated home with plenty of natural light.
  10. A relaxing outdoor space with comfortable seating and an attractive patio or deck.
  11. A well-maintained roof and gutters with no signs of wear and tear.
  12. A functioning HVAC system that maintains a comfortable temperature in the home.
  13. A sturdy foundation with no signs of cracks or damage.
  14. A well-maintained plumbing system with no leaks or blockages.
  15. A clean and functional garage with ample storage space.
  16. A well-maintained pool or spa with crystal-clear water.
  17. A well-maintained lawn with no bald patches or weeds.
  18. A functional and well-maintained irrigation system that keeps the lawn green and healthy.
  19. A well-maintained fence that provides privacy and security.
  20. A well-maintained driveway with no cracks or potholes.
  21. A clean and functional fireplace with no signs of damage.
  22. A well-maintained deck or patio with no signs of damage or wear and tear.
  23. A clean and well-maintained exterior with no signs of peeling paint or damage.
  24. A well-maintained and functioning security system that provides peace of mind.
  25. A functional and well-maintained intercom system that allows communication throughout the home.
  26. A well-maintained and functional sprinkler system that keeps the lawn and landscaping healthy.
  27. A well-maintained, functional outdoor lighting system that provides security and enhances curb appeal.
  28. A clean and well-maintained attic with ample storage space.
  29. A well-maintained and clean crawl space with no signs of moisture or damage.
  30. A well-maintained and clean basement with ample storage space and no signs of moisture or damage.

Well-Loved Home = Well-Maintained Home

A well-loved home is not just about the structure; it's about the care and attention the homeowner has put into maintaining and improving the property over time. 

As a real estate agent, it's my desire to help you identify these qualities that make a home well-loved and, ultimately, help you find your dream home or sell your property for the best possible price.

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